All right, Kiddies – let me recap the highs and lows of last night in the D.J. booth at the Pavilion during S.O.S.!!!! As I started in a blues kind of feel, I’m cranking out Little Milton, Robben Ford, Mingo Fishtrap, and the James Hunter Six, and who should be on the floor??? Jim Quick!!! He is NOT just dancing, but putting on a Shag “Exhibition” with Allie Privette!!! And there, not far away is H Lee Brown and Crystal Quick!!! All dancing to MY music in MY most favorite place to be in the world!!! The highest ‘High’ of my day!!! Then – BAM!!! Here comes the Boom……..Jim comes up in the booth to request a song, and……….I DID NOT HAVE IT!!!! …..I SUCK!!!!! We shared some ‘B.S.’ and I watched him dance some more, so a ‘bad’ moment didn’t override an ‘awesome’ memory!!! I knew Allie was an excellent shagger, but Jim Quick put on a show I had never seen, in 20 some odd years of going to see him perform!!! I’m saddled up and ready to go again today @ 6 in the O.D. Pavilion, and yes, I’m packing THAT particular song – You know – Just in case??? Lol…….