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Letter from Calabash

In the Summer of 2016, Jay Kinlaw was given the opportunity to serve as Emcee for the Calabash Summer Concert Series. There were a lot of great bands that came through the town last year and JJ was did a great job for the town, sponsors and 94.9 The Surf. Take a Look... read more

Make Plans to Party!

Here is a Quick note about some last minute plans that have come up. I hope you can join me this weekend and next! This Weekend Thursday Night – October 13th – OD Pavilion and OD Horseshoe is the place to be with Jim Quick & Coastline on the stage.... read more

JJ Joins the The Surf Team !

Big News Today! Of course, the Band of Oz is playing a FREE Concert in Calabash, NC. I figure you knew that already. Breaking Beach Music News of the Day I have joined the Surf Team at 94.9! Listen for LIVE Updates from me, Jay Kinlaw, on Tuesday Nights from Calabash,... read more

Saturday Night at the OD Pavilion

All right, Kiddies – let me recap the highs and lows of last night in the D.J. booth at the Pavilion during S.O.S.!!!! As I started in a blues kind of feel, I’m cranking out Little Milton, Robben Ford, Mingo Fishtrap, and the James Hunter Six, and who... read more

Chairmen of the Board – 1991

It is not Thursday, but here is a throwback to the past. If you have picked up a current copy of the Beach Music Scene Magazine ( Spring 2016), you may have seen this one already. Summer of ’91, in South Boston, Va. – at the Watermelon Festival, with... read more

Guess who was on the Farm

On Saturday April 9th, I headed North from Ocean Drive to The Farm in Selma to attend the 3rd Annual Beach Fest. It was a good trip with great bands and great music. Guess who we saw at the event backstage. Thanks for the photo op, Scotty McCreery! For those that are... read more

Time for a Website

I tracked him down! Bo the Webguy is helping me with my website. Stay Tuned and watch the Heads Up Page for Updates here at SuperJockJJ.com and the facebook page. If you know anyone looking for a DJ in the area, please tell them about me! Word of Mouth Referrals are... read more

Birthday Bash

Plan to Celebrate – You Are Invited to MY Birthday Party – No Presents – Just Presence! Party starts at 4:30 – The Entertainers will be playing at 5:30 for the first time on stage at the OD Pavilion. I will be spinning the tunes afterwards... read more